Grant’s Gala Event Information

After much thought, deliberation, and soul searching, we have decided to place Grant’s Gala on hold for the time being.

We are at a reflection point and want to take some time to focus on how to improve on both raising awareness and increasing financial support of congenital heart defect research. With our increasing family commitments (Avery Goughnour was born on March 3rd), we don’t feel that we are in the right headspace to focus/accomplish these changes within this year. Without an improved and dedicated focus on the event, we feel that our guests’ experience and fundraising would not match our historical achievements.

We are currently exploring other ways in which we can work alongside CHF and engage donors like you this year to help celebrate The Children’s Heart Foundation’s 20 years of saving lives and research accomplishments.

We are pleased to say that, through the support and generosity of our sponsors and supporters like you, we have raised approximately $350,000 since the inception of our event in 2007. Every dollar that has been raised was used by the Children’s Heart Foundation to fund congenital heart defect research.

We greatly appreciate your support, dedication, and financial donations to Grant’s Gala and The Children’s Heart Foundation. Our donors are a major reason this event is as successful as it has become. We hope you will be willing to support CHF this year and that you will be able to join us when this event returns.

Thanks again for your generous support,

Michael and Holly Goughnour
Grant’s Gala Founders